We at Fitak Woodworking believe the environment is important.  We think that in our modern times, we need to remember the lessons from our past. 

During the industrial revolution, the air in major cities was barely breathable.  We have purposely built our shop in a rural setting, with 92 acres that we are letting reforest, and as well, are planting new trees on the property.

We actively recycle from our shop.  We heat the shop with solid wood waste from projects - and even our wood shavings go to a neighboring farmer for animal bedding.

We use only water based products such as Agulante water-based lacquer, and high quality water-based glues.  We also use solid wood and veneer core
plywood wherever possible.

And believe it or not, using quality products does not affect the price that much. 

But the bottom line is - we need to protect this planet for our children to enjoy,
and we try to do that with our green initiatives.

Fitak Custom Woodworking Inc.